Depleting power

The power of the Light has been depleting over the eons, and the time is crucial for the souls to gain strength and return to increase the power, for we are at a time in the life of the universe when the power of the Light is depleted and waning and the darkness is slowly emerging.

The Light is not total power and it cannot continue to create a universe of love and peace without help from the souls, for they are the Light and they must remember for life to survive the darkness which will otherwise come. We are going to use these words to show the souls the Way to the Light which they already know but have forgotten, and which they are crying out to remember.

The souls are actual beings who are able to become part of the human form. A soul chooses to inhabit a form when it wishes to return to a lifetime, usually because its energy is not enough to rise, and it tries again to gain energy by using the form as a loving being. But most are seduced by the lifetimes and so it goes on. Many, of course, rise and break the cycle – without them the Light would have been dimmed long ago, but we require greater energy to give the Light power to create the loving universe and it means we guides must not fail.

Because the souls depend upon love, the most powerful force in the universe, to bring back the soul memory and to grow strong enough to rise to the Light, they are growing less bright with the earth years – for the forms are growing far from the loving forms they were created to be. The souls of Light could only create for love, but the forms were physical with needs which the souls of the Light did not have, and the soul memory went further and further behind the immediate form’s memory. It was a mistake, we are sorry to say, and the souls’ basic error.

The Way to the Light is simple but souls have chosen to forget or ignore. We do not understand why the souls choose to stay, for lifetimes are full of tests and these tests can be awful, but time after time they go back and do not rise to the Light. They do seem to be evolving into other than parts of the Light and time is becoming short for the worlds.