So many versions of the truth

There have become so many versions of the truth that they are separating the forms from each other, further and further from loving for they all require their beliefs to be the only truth. We must overcome, for these differences are bringing the darkness ever closer.

The guides have tried to turn the memories to them by the old stories of good and evil, and triumph over the devil. That was not good, for now we have entrenched values to sift through to awaken the soul memory once more. We souls of the Light are not all powerful as the old people were told. We have made mistakes, and we are now to find the Way to the Light for all.

Our guides have been unable to work through enough forms for too long, and our use of human ways is the only way left to us to reach enough forms. The only purpose of the old stories and experiences in the Bible was to awaken the souls by teaching loving lifetimes. However, they mostly chose to push the soul memory further and further behind because the forms were fascinating to them. The memory has been our downfall, for had we not allowed it to grow dim by courting the lifetimes here and on other worlds, we would not be writing this now..

Those who are staunch in their belief of God and Satan will find it confusing to understand the truth for a time, but they will come to us, for it only needs the truth put before the soul memory for the soul to gain energy and grow stronger with the knowing.

There is no judgment, only choice, for the Light does not rule. We are the Light and we souls are dying with the Light. We must all join, for the Light is to create unending beauty and knowledge, and it is the first task we were all to do when so many were diverted to other schemes. There is nothing to worship and no need for priests. Only teachers of the Way and they are waiting for us to begin.