The Bible

We wish to speak of the Bible. For many the Bible is the word of God. In truth the Bible is the word of the guides and form minds. So much was written independently that we cannot say it was written by us. Much was sent through our aware ones and teachers, but much also was written by those who thought they knew the truth and told of divine intervention. Your Bible speaks of the snake and Satan but that did not happen, for it was not until those created human forms died that the souls wanted to continue to exist outside the Light.

Because of the primitive minds, all on the spirit plane had decided it best to teach through the medium of the all-powerful and loving God. We thought that by using the words as one would to errant children, the forms would listen and respond. To our consternation this has not occurred for the most part. We were in error in our approach and we now must redress our mistake. We now wish to clear the misunderstandings which have arisen from our misguided approach.

This has absolutely nothing to do with Revelations – we are not Satan. We have said that those concepts were given to the old people for the purpose of turning them to loving lifetimes, but we were in error to do so. This will be accepted more than the earth Bible. The Bible was not written by the souls of the Light. It was written by the forms, and as such, misconceptions from the teachers arose. It is not necessary for us to go into sections and meanings in detail, for we wish only to give the soul memory the already known information in a simple and uncluttered way. We have not set out to concern on those matters, for the very good reason that it does not matter. Even those seemingly opposed will remember when more aware power is giving love to the earth.