This Book

With this book we are going to eliminate the need for any words but the simple and easy truth. This time our writer is a blank page, eager to hear the words of truth with no rejection of any aspect of the truth. This soul chose to use the lifetimes so that this would be so. This soul succeeded and is our unbiased hand – at last we may write as we have wished to write for eons – at last our truth will penetrate the soul memories of the forms. We have much to tell in our simple way. We will retell all told before so none will mistake our meanings.

The prediction of the second coming of Jesus was a misconception. All knew another religion would develop around another such teacher. We could not allow that to occur. The book will be that as predicted without the teacher to worship. There are key souls all over the world, and the book is to awaken them into action to bring us aware souls who will choose to rise with us.

We have this work on many worlds, for the earth planet is not the only planet with life. Other souls created other forms and with their creation the diversions occurred all across the universe. The book will be in other forms to awaken memories on other worlds. Presently, the earth world is the most urgently requiring of help. There are many souls who are allowing us to channel through them and they will be told of the book as soon as it is to be. Many have been told of the danger to the universe, but none know the truth.

The future for the universe is bleak without the book to awaken the souls’ memories. If we fail in our task, all the worlds could be lost to existence. Other forms on other planets have evolved far in advance of the earth forms, but their soul memories are just as much dimming and in as much need of the Way.