Writing of the Way to the Light

We wish to speak of the process by which this book has been written. The plight of the Light has been known for some time by we who exist as one with the Light. The cause of the depletion of the Light’s energy has been known for long and in various ways we have worked to rectify the situation. Our ways to date have been only marginally successful and we have long felt the need for the bare truth to be presented to the forms.

The soul of Light which is the form we write through this time was carefully advised by all as to the lifetime, chosen tests set and this purpose. It was to our great joy that the form mind saw the tests, surmounted and arrived at the predetermined purpose. Let none be thinking that it is the form which puts these words down. We are using the hand and we are writing the words that form reads and tries to understand. It makes no difference to our words except that we will explain our message again in different ways to make it clearer.

We do not wish it to be a scholars’ tome. All we want is to write a book of love for the world to understand easily – from the most earth advanced to the most earth backward.

As we are together, yet singular, as guides we have our purpose to call the souls home, and that task has not been an easy one to achieve. In your earth words, it was decided at a point in the past that the most effective way of having our voice heard was through the written word, and preparations of great magnitude were set in motion to facilitate this event. This book has required the collective energy of all guides and even though the direct involvement has meant channelling through some directly to our aware form, every single guide has given of itself to ensure the existence of these words.